Here’s how you can increase traffic to your website!

Increse traffic

Are you struggling with low traffic to your website? If yes, then you are at the right page because in this article I will be giving you some important points that will boost your traffic. But its better we stay clear on the subject that shortcuts won’t be giving you any long-term benefit so you have to be patient and implement these points below carefully and properly. I know your struggle with building organic traffic because it is difficult and you have to put your heart and soul in following the same procedure every day at continuous space to see amazing results.

Nowadays, there are many ways to increase traffic by paid traffic via Google Adwords and Facebook post and you will be getting an immediate traffic but what is the point where it is just for the short period. Now as you come to know that if you really want your website doing very well you have to think in long time basis and put in the extra hard work in it.

Eye-catching Content:-

Eye catching content

So many websites who just want to throw content to the world but the content is just blah-blah-blah. You need to create content that will make the visitor hook on to your website. They say that creating tons of content on the website is good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but in reality, it will damage the reputation of your website. Your Content will represent your business so if the content contains a lot of grammatical mistakes and misleading information then your content will make sure that your business comes heavily down. Create such content that you will attract customers or a viewer as in a real person who genuinely wants to read your content instead of dragging that person into the conversation. A really good content will rank you better so ultimately increase your organic traffic.

Long-Tail Key Phrases:-


If you are familiar with SEO you then you must be even knowing that crowding content with SEO words will get into a huge line of competitors who are using the same tactic as you and trying to gain organic traffic. I am not saying that don’t add SEO words but I am telling you to use some more specific SEO words that will direct it to your brand or business. For example, “Amazon web service” is an SEO word which drives a lot of traffic but if you write amazon web service in India then you will be gaining the right people to your website. Longword phrases are now driving more result because it brings out specific people on to your page and your website has to face less competition. It’s better to stand out from the crowd instead of sailing the same ship and drowning down.

Regularly update your website:-

Regular Update

Now I really hope that you are not one of those people who will post content once a month or one in twice a week and hope to gain traffic all out of sudden. I understand if you have other things to take care of other than the website but if you want to gain traffic to your website then you have spent time on that because nothing comes easy. Make sure that you post at least one article once in a week and if you can post more then you are doing an amazing job because the more the merrier. Search engines prefer websites who regularly update their website with content and an updated website indicates that the website is dedicated to providing services.

You can also try guest blogging because that is also another good way of generating organic traffic but make sure that the guest blogging is more about generating organic traffic instead of overloading it with SEO words. Publish content that will generate organic traffic and a website that is able to get followers to the website then that website is doing far better than good. Another thing keep in mind that avoid doing things that will anger the Google by overloading the content with SEO words, providing cheap links, using the same anchor text and publishing stolen content. If you do this then Google will make sure that your website is blocked or kicked out. So I hope that you have learned great things from this article and implement these tips so that you gain organic traffic.


Brief Service Intro Of

untitled-infographic had recently celebrated its 17th foundation anniversary in Its Pune office. Having a seventeen year of domain registration and hosting experience and seventeen thousand satisfied customers make this anniversary successful.

3 Simple Step to Have a Website For Your Requirement.

Web site development

Hi All,

First of all, I am very thankful to you for reading my Blog.

From a very first, Technology has been a favorite subject for all. If you look back in history, we find that technology is always leading and generators of a leader.

Today, Let’s discuss an Internet technology. Now a days internet technology is the most rapidly rising Technology. I do agree that the internet is a very old invention, but, it became popular before 15 years. If we look back in past few years when the Internet technology was very less as compared to now, a statistics says that in India 67% peoples are using the internet in 2014, but before 5 years it was quite as low, not exactly but yes, less the 23%. And the reason for internet usage is smart phone and android phone. It has created a wide Impact on users of the internet.

Recently I am looking for a packers and movers service from Bangalore to Hyderabad and google it found thousands of relocation service provider and I selected the Best packers and movers in Bangalore for my necessary relocation. That time I realize how the world is getting more digitalized and attracted by the internet world as it is a time-saving process with the best option finder.

Anyway, it is now necessary to move forward with World and Technology.

Thinking from a businessmen point of view, we also have to move and implement the business strategy as per the customers thinking or behavior. Our customers are also becoming modern and they are always trying to save time and effort in the days of revolution.

So for start-up businessmen what should be the primary step to get into the digital world? Definitely, a website by which he can give all details of the product, features and offer to the customer etc.

To have a website a businessman should have to through the following steps:

Domain registration is the primary step to have a website. it is something like having an address of your own on the internet. And Domain Registration in India is very easy as you can find so many domain registration service provider in India.

After that, you will have to create a website or develop a website for your business. It will act as a house on the internet. If you want to build a website for your business you can find so many Instant Website Development Tool by which you can build a website immediately and without having any coding or language knowledge.

Once we are done with all of the up write procedure we have to go with web hosting process. Web hosting is something like placing your house in a good area. And Web Hosting in India is also not so hard. As we discussed, internet users are rapidly increasing so service providers will also be increasing respectively.

Now that we have done with all the process, we should now focus on an important part of Internet Era ic Internet Marketing which includes process like SEO, Google Award. The Internet is providing a wide range of platform for Internet Marketing.

So let’s go ahead and start a digital business today and be a part of the virtual world.

All the Best!

What Does a Web Hosting company do ?

What web hosting company do

Before going to discuss what a web hosting does let understand why we need a web hosting and how a website works.

What is Web Hosting:

It is nothing but taking some space from the internet to keep my website. It will be open for all and anyone can access my website and visit my site anytime anywhere from the world. A web hosting service makes your website lives and runs on the internet.

How Web page work:

To open a web page which is a part of the website you need to type the URL of the web page in the browser then press ENTER

  • A request sent by the browser to the server regards the same page.
  • By the help of an IP address the browser connected to the server.
  • In return, the server provides the page requested by the user.

What Web Hosting Do:

If you read carefully the upper tab of “What Is Web Hosting” Then you will find the clue to this question. Yes, the line “A web hosting service make your website lives and run on the internet” is telling all. It provides a best and secure cyberspace to keep your web pages that reliable and suited your needs.

Now maybe you are wondering that what kind of element your sites needs and what kinds of web element you are getting from the web hosting service providers. Well, depend on your website need and what kind of hosting plan you are choosing. However, the bellow elements are included in a web hosting and you must look it from your service provider.

Web Space:

It is as simple as it sounds. Yes, this is the amount of space you will get from a hoster to keep your web pages. If you have a small website then you need a small size of space and if you have a large website with tons of images, audio and video or if you have an E-Commerce website then you need more space to host your site of you can go for VPS server hosting. If you more space and powerful server than you can go for a Dedicated Server.


When we need bandwidth from any service provider, then always unlimited will do better. A bandwidth is a source providing or measuring medium between server to your website. If your site has a very good demand and more numbers of traffic are coming to your sites then limited bandwidth will not work. However, now a days almost all the hosting companies are providing unlimited bandwidth.

Hosting your domains:

It is the same as hosting your website. If you are publishing any site, then it should have an address and the domain of a website work same. If you have a very big business and have to host multiple domains, then your service provider have the flexibility.

Safety and Security:

Obviously, security is the most considerable factor provided with your service. If you are hosting a website means you have kept very important and valuable information with the hoster and if it’s hacked or cracked then may be you lose years of valuable information. So your service holder should provide virus protection and threats protection assurance.

This is the basic overview of a web hosting service you must look from your hosting providers, also this will be influenced by your hosting plan which one you are selecting for your need. Apart from web element, you must need to check technical support service provided by your service providers.

How Does Hosting Work:

Once you select a Web Hosting Plan, then you have to pay a certain amount of money to your hoster. After that your hosting plan will be activated and then you can upload your website files manually or your developer will do that or you can upload with the help of technical support of your service provider. Once your site got to live you can focus on your website niche.

Microsoft Office 365 Vs Google Apps – A Quick Analogy By

Google Apps VS Microsoft Office

As we all know that things are getting digitized and everyone in the world wants advantage service from their service provider. Now a days Cloud Based Server is the most popular one in the business industries. The reason for moving all business to cloud is its flexibility, scalability and the most important one is you can access your information anywhere in the world. If you compare in terms of cost then I would like to inform that cloud charging you as much you used to. Cloud server has multiple business development tools to amplify your business, such as product tool for documentation, calendar, email, file sharing, chatting and much more to make your business grow.

Microsoft Office 365 and Google apps for Business are the two daddy player in the industries. Microsoft office, which is one of the most popular service providers in office solution and google apps is the product of world most popular search engine and advertising agency.

In this article, we are going to discuss the details about this two product. Every product has some strength point and some weakness as well. We are using Microsoft office for a period of time and google apps for work are provided by the google recently, including mail, document, hangout and much more tools to speed up IT efficiency of your business.

However, in the below section we are exploring all the features and compatibility in depth. Find the best business tool for your business solution.


Microsoft office is very old and most popular application having an easy import and export data from other application. Easily syncs with all most all types of device including desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile and other devices. Easy access and continue your work from anywhere, from any devices.

With google apps compatibility is the major issue with for most of the devices. Few of google apps is compatible devices and most of them with google powered application.


It has been proven that Microsoft office is caring more productivity than other in online as well as offline. You no need to educate more to your staff to manage this application as everyone is familiar with Microsoft from the beginning.

Google apps for work is very new to the market and bit more complicated than Microsoft office 365. You need to be educated your staff or you have to take training from google to operate his application. Limited offline compatibility and less collaboration with other application.

Email & cloud storage:

With Microsoft office 365 you can get a personalized email address with your domain name and large Inbox size of 50GB. Allows you the flexibility to attach 25 MB sized files and 1 TB storage space with each plan and unlimited storage in terms of file and document sharing. Easy synchronization between multiple devices.

With google also you can get your email id with the based on your domain name with cloud storage of 30GB. It also allows you to attach 25 MB sized file with email and 1 TB storage with the basic plan and up to 5 users with its unlimited plan.

Online Meeting:

Skype is the business meeting tool provided by Microsoft with unlimited audio, video and screen sharing facility with 300 users with file sharing advantage. It allows you to know your employee real time status i.c they are busy, free or offline.

Google provides hangout as business meeting tool with 15 user restriction. You can hold a user and also work simultaneously on a live project. The screen sharing facility is built-in with hangout.

Privacy and security:

In terms of privacy and security both are very conscious and coming from a trusted provider. Both have been proven that they are very good in term of security for a period of times. Coming with built-in safeguards, security capabilities and privacy features with zero data risk.


Microsoft office comes with different plans specially design for small business, large business, personal use, student and etc. You can purchase with your user need or business size. You can enhance your user till 25 only.

Google apps provide you only two types of plan, including basic plan and an unlimited plan. But you have the flexibility of choosing up to 1000 users.

In the above article, we had given a brief idea about Microsoft office 365 and Google apps for a business development tool. Choose your service carefully with your budget and compatibility.

If I miss something, please let me know in a comment:

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coupon code of web hosting by
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use of web hosting coupon code

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All Hosting service providers Are Not Equal

Web Hosting Service Providers

It’s difficult to tell precisely what a number of web hosting organizations are there on the planet, however the number positions in many of thousands if not millions. Picking among them can be very difficult on the basis of service, support and price. Yes, if it is a few years back then it wouldn’t be so hard to find a good web hosting service provider as of now.

In this article, I would disclose a couple of things paying special attention that will make you choose a demanding web hosting service for your website.

If you are looking for a web hosting plan and doing necessary market research, approximately same features you will get in different price range. In that situation common question is why the prices are different?

Well, this article will give a new direction to all your Confusion. Here is an example:

Let’s break the role of guaranteed uptime:

Every hosters articulate that they provide 99.9% guaranteed uptime. But practically it is not possible. Basically normal web hosting plan is provided under shared hosting server and it needs to restart on a daily basis, which will take 8-10 minute:

So in a year 365×8 = 2920

2960/60=487 hours approximately and which is approximately 5.5% of total hours.

This is in normal condition and if your server goes down again the percentage will increase and in a year at least 2 times any of the servers can run slow due to some unknown reason and to recover it your particular server may take 30 minutes.

Note: 2 times the sever go slow is very minimum may be, it can go more than that.

So you might think it was unreliable, but your hosters could still claim a 99.9 percent uptime. So basically 99.9% uptime is theoretical and not logical, so calming for up time is a waste of time. This type of line only proves how a company is reliable and providing obstacle free server. Paying more is not going to provide a better server. Sometimes companies from low brand category can give you a better service than the branded companies.

Sometimes we are confused in domain extension like if a service provider’s domain is “”, the uk extension informed that the service provider is from the UK, which does not mean the company had a UK based server. Maybe this server is located somewhere in another location. Inquire about that once before choosing a web hoster.

Note: Although data travels with an excellent speed all over the internet, but you can

get a definite time delay when you choose a server that is far away from your location geographically.

Unlimited hosting Plan:

When you inquire about a best web hosting plan in the market, you will get a multiple plan option and most of them may assure you an unlimited bandwidth. Sounds good right!

Are they really providing unlimited?

This is always a big question in web hosting industries. I am asking one question here

In any web hosting plan, Is Unlimited Disk Storage And Unlimited Bandwidth Possible?”

My dear friends wake up ! nothing is unlimited. This is a terminology of hosting the world or sometimes it appears as un-metered. Okay, let’s know the truth when you sing-up with a web hoster they will restrict your hosting plan with a certain amount of data limit, but you can use it unlimited.


Okay, suppose you got a data of 500GB/month, then you can use the data in a single day in a single hour or the whole month. It’s not like that you have a data restriction on per day basis, but you have a data limit.

It’s something like India mobile data planning recharges with 128 and get 3GB unlimited data for a single month.

Here is another thing I am going to mention that previously hosting providers used very old technologies which allowed limited traffic to a website. But now a days technology had been developed so you can get an unlimited traffic.

Full Accessible control panel:

This is another confusion kind of thing in web hosting industries. Basically to monitor your website, upload, download file and to manage add-on this tool is used for. Or sometimes basically at low-cost hosting plan, you will not get a control panel or you will get a control panel with very less access. For every different service provider, the tool name and functions are different: like uses the same in the name of plesk control panel.

Support and Assistance:

This is last but not so important as most of the web hosting service providers company does provide 24/7 support service. But you have to check the flexibility of connecting source to a technical team. Suppose a company saying that he is providing 24/7 support service, but you can connect through only the webmail then it is a waste of time, you know also.

Let’s take an example: If your website server goes wrong due to unknown reason and you want an immediate recover, then sending mail and waiting for their response is stupidity.