All Hosting service providers Are Not Equal

Web Hosting Service Providers

It’s difficult to tell precisely what a number of web hosting organizations are there on the planet, however the number positions in many of thousands if not millions. Picking among them can be very difficult on the basis of service, support and price. Yes, if it is a few years back then it wouldn’t be so hard to find a good web hosting service provider as of now.

In this article, I would disclose a couple of things paying special attention that will make you choose a demanding web hosting service for your website.

If you are looking for a web hosting plan and doing necessary market research, approximately same features you will get in different price range. In that situation common question is why the prices are different?

Well, this article will give a new direction to all your Confusion. Here is an example:

Let’s break the role of guaranteed uptime:

Every hosters articulate that they provide 99.9% guaranteed uptime. But practically it is not possible. Basically normal web hosting plan is provided under shared hosting server and it needs to restart on a daily basis, which will take 8-10 minute:

So in a year 365×8 = 2920

2960/60=487 hours approximately and which is approximately 5.5% of total hours.

This is in normal condition and if your server goes down again the percentage will increase and in a year at least 2 times any of the servers can run slow due to some unknown reason and to recover it your particular server may take 30 minutes.

Note: 2 times the sever go slow is very minimum may be, it can go more than that.

So you might think it was unreliable, but your hosters could still claim a 99.9 percent uptime. So basically 99.9% uptime is theoretical and not logical, so calming for up time is a waste of time. This type of line only proves how a company is reliable and providing obstacle free server. Paying more is not going to provide a better server. Sometimes companies from low brand category can give you a better service than the branded companies.

Sometimes we are confused in domain extension like if a service provider’s domain is “”, the uk extension informed that the service provider is from the UK, which does not mean the company had a UK based server. Maybe this server is located somewhere in another location. Inquire about that once before choosing a web hoster.

Note: Although data travels with an excellent speed all over the internet, but you can

get a definite time delay when you choose a server that is far away from your location geographically.

Unlimited hosting Plan:

When you inquire about a best web hosting plan in the market, you will get a multiple plan option and most of them may assure you an unlimited bandwidth. Sounds good right!

Are they really providing unlimited?

This is always a big question in web hosting industries. I am asking one question here

In any web hosting plan, Is Unlimited Disk Storage And Unlimited Bandwidth Possible?”

My dear friends wake up ! nothing is unlimited. This is a terminology of hosting the world or sometimes it appears as un-metered. Okay, let’s know the truth when you sing-up with a web hoster they will restrict your hosting plan with a certain amount of data limit, but you can use it unlimited.


Okay, suppose you got a data of 500GB/month, then you can use the data in a single day in a single hour or the whole month. It’s not like that you have a data restriction on per day basis, but you have a data limit.

It’s something like India mobile data planning recharges with 128 and get 3GB unlimited data for a single month.

Here is another thing I am going to mention that previously hosting providers used very old technologies which allowed limited traffic to a website. But now a days technology had been developed so you can get an unlimited traffic.

Full Accessible control panel:

This is another confusion kind of thing in web hosting industries. Basically to monitor your website, upload, download file and to manage add-on this tool is used for. Or sometimes basically at low-cost hosting plan, you will not get a control panel or you will get a control panel with very less access. For every different service provider, the tool name and functions are different: like uses the same in the name of plesk control panel.

Support and Assistance:

This is last but not so important as most of the web hosting service providers company does provide 24/7 support service. But you have to check the flexibility of connecting source to a technical team. Suppose a company saying that he is providing 24/7 support service, but you can connect through only the webmail then it is a waste of time, you know also.

Let’s take an example: If your website server goes wrong due to unknown reason and you want an immediate recover, then sending mail and waiting for their response is stupidity.