Microsoft Office 365 Vs Google Apps – A Quick Analogy By

Google Apps VS Microsoft Office

As we all know that things are getting digitized and everyone in the world wants advantage service from their service provider. Now a days Cloud Based Server is the most popular one in the business industries. The reason for moving all business to cloud is its flexibility, scalability and the most important one is you can access your information anywhere in the world. If you compare in terms of cost then I would like to inform that cloud charging you as much you used to. Cloud server has multiple business development tools to amplify your business, such as product tool for documentation, calendar, email, file sharing, chatting and much more to make your business grow.

Microsoft Office 365 and Google apps for Business are the two daddy player in the industries. Microsoft office, which is one of the most popular service providers in office solution and google apps is the product of world most popular search engine and advertising agency.

In this article, we are going to discuss the details about this two product. Every product has some strength point and some weakness as well. We are using Microsoft office for a period of time and google apps for work are provided by the google recently, including mail, document, hangout and much more tools to speed up IT efficiency of your business.

However, in the below section we are exploring all the features and compatibility in depth. Find the best business tool for your business solution.


Microsoft office is very old and most popular application having an easy import and export data from other application. Easily syncs with all most all types of device including desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile and other devices. Easy access and continue your work from anywhere, from any devices.

With google apps compatibility is the major issue with for most of the devices. Few of google apps is compatible devices and most of them with google powered application.


It has been proven that Microsoft office is caring more productivity than other in online as well as offline. You no need to educate more to your staff to manage this application as everyone is familiar with Microsoft from the beginning.

Google apps for work is very new to the market and bit more complicated than Microsoft office 365. You need to be educated your staff or you have to take training from google to operate his application. Limited offline compatibility and less collaboration with other application.

Email & cloud storage:

With Microsoft office 365 you can get a personalized email address with your domain name and large Inbox size of 50GB. Allows you the flexibility to attach 25 MB sized files and 1 TB storage space with each plan and unlimited storage in terms of file and document sharing. Easy synchronization between multiple devices.

With google also you can get your email id with the based on your domain name with cloud storage of 30GB. It also allows you to attach 25 MB sized file with email and 1 TB storage with the basic plan and up to 5 users with its unlimited plan.

Online Meeting:

Skype is the business meeting tool provided by Microsoft with unlimited audio, video and screen sharing facility with 300 users with file sharing advantage. It allows you to know your employee real time status i.c they are busy, free or offline.

Google provides hangout as business meeting tool with 15 user restriction. You can hold a user and also work simultaneously on a live project. The screen sharing facility is built-in with hangout.

Privacy and security:

In terms of privacy and security both are very conscious and coming from a trusted provider. Both have been proven that they are very good in term of security for a period of times. Coming with built-in safeguards, security capabilities and privacy features with zero data risk.


Microsoft office comes with different plans specially design for small business, large business, personal use, student and etc. You can purchase with your user need or business size. You can enhance your user till 25 only.

Google apps provide you only two types of plan, including basic plan and an unlimited plan. But you have the flexibility of choosing up to 1000 users.

In the above article, we had given a brief idea about Microsoft office 365 and Google apps for a business development tool. Choose your service carefully with your budget and compatibility.

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