What Does a Web Hosting company do ?

What web hosting company do

Before going to discuss what a web hosting does let understand why we need a web hosting and how a website works.

What is Web Hosting:

It is nothing but taking some space from the internet to keep my website. It will be open for all and anyone can access my website and visit my site anytime anywhere from the world. A web hosting service makes your website lives and runs on the internet.

How Web page work:

To open a web page which is a part of the website you need to type the URL of the web page in the browser then press ENTER

  • A request sent by the browser to the server regards the same page.
  • By the help of an IP address the browser connected to the server.
  • In return, the server provides the page requested by the user.

What Web Hosting Do:

If you read carefully the upper tab of “What Is Web Hosting” Then you will find the clue to this question. Yes, the line “A web hosting service make your website lives and run on the internet” is telling all. It provides a best and secure cyberspace to keep your web pages that reliable and suited your needs.

Now maybe you are wondering that what kind of element your sites needs and what kinds of web element you are getting from the web hosting service providers. Well, depend on your website need and what kind of hosting plan you are choosing. However, the bellow elements are included in a web hosting and you must look it from your service provider.

Web Space:

It is as simple as it sounds. Yes, this is the amount of space you will get from a hoster to keep your web pages. If you have a small website then you need a small size of space and if you have a large website with tons of images, audio and video or if you have an E-Commerce website then you need more space to host your site of you can go for VPS server hosting. If you more space and powerful server than you can go for a Dedicated Server.


When we need bandwidth from any service provider, then always unlimited will do better. A bandwidth is a source providing or measuring medium between server to your website. If your site has a very good demand and more numbers of traffic are coming to your sites then limited bandwidth will not work. However, now a days almost all the hosting companies are providing unlimited bandwidth.

Hosting your domains:

It is the same as hosting your website. If you are publishing any site, then it should have an address and the domain of a website work same. If you have a very big business and have to host multiple domains, then your service provider have the flexibility.

Safety and Security:

Obviously, security is the most considerable factor provided with your service. If you are hosting a website means you have kept very important and valuable information with the hoster and if it’s hacked or cracked then may be you lose years of valuable information. So your service holder should provide virus protection and threats protection assurance.

This is the basic overview of a web hosting service you must look from your hosting providers, also this will be influenced by your hosting plan which one you are selecting for your need. Apart from web element, you must need to check technical support service provided by your service providers.

How Does Hosting Work:

Once you select a Web Hosting Plan, then you have to pay a certain amount of money to your hoster. After that your hosting plan will be activated and then you can upload your website files manually or your developer will do that or you can upload with the help of technical support of your service provider. Once your site got to live you can focus on your website niche.


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